India, a land as diverse as it is vast, as baffling as it is intriguing, fascinating and mesmerising. They say that it would take a lifetime to experience all that this sub-continent has to offer and they would be right. From the towering expanse of the Himalayas across its northern borders to the 7500 kms of coastline and beaches, from its jungles teeming with wildlife to the diversity of its deserts, from the swaying palm trees and verdant lands of Kerala to the extraordinary temples of Tamil Nadu no two of the 28 States (and 8 Union Territories) are the same. It’s cities, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai chaotic yet vibrant showcase just how this country deserves its place in the 21st Century and its rural villages where, with the exception of mobile phones (!) seemingly take you back to a time more akin with the lifestyles of centuries ago.  Despite this diversity when planning a trip to India, people tend to focus on its main sites and most famous monuments rather than focus on their specific interests. We believe in helping you experience both. You want to visit the main sites but have a keen interest in learning about the cuisine, why not? You have an interest in art and wildlife, or are an adventure junky keen to head to the Himalayas trekking or paragliding or white water rafting but your other half wants to see the Taj Mahal? Well with a little careful planning, it can all be done, and that’s what we are here for.